Polyester raw materials both pull up, polyester filament "price tide" is still continuing ...
Column:Industry News Time:2017-07-11
Today macro oil

Today macro oil
WTI August crude oil futures closed up 0.38 percent at $ 44.40 a barrel. Brent September crude oil futures closed up 0.36 percent, to $ 46.88 / barrel.
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Raw materials, production and marketing overview
PTA changed the previous decline, or leading the domestic list of domestic commodities. Data show that the main futures (1709) opened the rocket launch, breaking the 5000 mark, ending 23:30, the chain rose 2.02%. And ethylene glycol rose sharply to 7,000 today, an important mark, while the night again higher, as of 23:30, ethylene glycol main disk contract rose 1.74% to 7138 points.

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Under the background that raw materials rose sharply , the cost of polyester rose, coupled with the recent direct spinning filament factory inventory is still low, POY and FDY inventory in the basic 3-6 days, the downstream boot load did not show significant fluctuations in the fundamentals good. Up to now, Tongxiang direction of the mainstream factory POY up 100-200 yuan / ton, the price tide continues